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  • Flanges (WN / SO / BL / SW)

    Flanges (WN / SO / BL /…

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  • Seamless Rings

    Seamless Rings Up to 1800 mm OD…

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  • Tube Sheets

    Tube Sheets Up to 1800 mm OD…

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  • Self-reinforced-nozzles-srn

    Self Reinforced Nozzles (SRN) Up to 1800…

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  • Gear Blanks & Gear Ring

    Gear Blanks and Gear Rings Up to…

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  • Shaft

    Shafts Up to 1800 mm OD /…

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  • Custom Forging

    Custom forgings Up to 1800 mm OD…

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  • An ISO 9001 Certified
  • IBR Well Known FORGE
  • Approved by Engineers India Limited (EIL)
  • ISO 14001 and 18000 Certified
  • PED & AD MERKBLATT 2000 WO Certified
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for all provinces



  • Open forging hammers for upsetting and making rings
  • Closed-die hammer along with trimming press
  • Heat Treatment furnace with quenching tank
  • Comprehensive machine shop with a wide variety of CNC and conventional machines
  • Fully equipped Mechanicallaboratory for testing all essential properties,with Spectrometer and PMI Machine for Chemical Testing

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